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The Karelian State Philharmonic was founded on 15th January in 1939 by Council of People's Commissars of Karelian ASSR board order. Under the philharmonic's guidance there were the Symphonic Orchestra, the State National Ensemble of Folk songs and dances “Kantele”, the State choir (42 singers) and the vocal band.
When the World War began, the work of the philharmonic was put on hold and then restarted on 1st February in 1944. In the first months of the war the philharmonic organized four concert groups, which performed in factories, mobilization stations and defensive fortifications.
When the World War ended, the philharmonic began to arrange symphonic concerts with the invited conductors, singers and instrumentalists. The concerts were held not only in Petrozavodsk, but around the whole republic.
In different times under the philharmonic's guidance there were different vocal and instrumental ensembles, pop bands, opera and drama ensembles etc.
From the beginning of its work the philharmonic established good relations with Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Thereby public in Petrozavodsk is acquainted with the work of the eminent musicians and actors whose names are well known in the capitals.