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Philharmonic nowadays

Today under the philharmonic's guidance there are the Philharmonic Orchestra (conductors – Anatolii Rybalko and Aleksei Niaga), the Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra Onego (conductors – Gennadii Mironov and Mikhail Totskii), Quartet of the Russian Folk Instruments Exprompt, Male Chamber Choir and the soloists.

Musicians from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other towns and cities of Russia and foreign countries perform on the stage of the Karelian State Philharmonic. Concerts of the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Russian Folk Instrument Orchestra Onego, pop and jazz concerts, concerts around the tables and other art and cultural events are held in the philharmonic. Special programmes and season tickets are provided for our young listeners.

Festivals take the big part of the season repertoire. The oldest festival, which has been held in the philharmonic since 1989, is an International Festival of chamber music Autumn Lyra. In 2012 the International art festival Onego-Classic was set up. In 2014 two more festivals were introduced to the public: 20th century with Vadim Kholodenko and Art festival Concertino for Masters and Young Artists. Concerts of the youngest open-air festival Ruskeala Symphony for the first time were held in 2017 in the mountain park Ruskeala.

In 2018 the Philharmonic Orchestra celebrated its 85th anniversary. In 2019 the Karelian state philharmonic has its 80th birthday. In 2020 the Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra Onego turned 45 years.